About Us

What is Nais Hair?

Nais Hair is a hair extension Spanish company with our own facilities located in Asia. We produce and market our own hair extension brand and for other brands.

We arrived to China on 2007 with the idea to develop professionally. When we first considered the option to “sell hair” back then even some friends laughed at us – “What do you mean with selling hair!”.

We have been in Asia now for more than 9 years. We started only selling raw human hair to wholesalers, later we expanded to hair extensions to professional salons, and now even provide to final customers.

Why Nais Hair?

Because we realized when someone wanted to get real high quality hair extensions, they had to pay a very high amount to get them. It was out of budget of most people. We have been working hard to get high quality, real cuticle hair extensions, but at very reasonable prices.

So that anyone can have access to them.

Why does our customers choose us?

Because we speak their language. Which include their culture. We understand very well what our customers need. We live permanently in Asia and we dedicated years to understand the hair extensions world traveling to different countries to find the excellence in hair. And because we live here we can control all the process from selection of the finest most health hair raw material in its origin, to a very strict slow manufacturing control.

In fact, we have customers that cooperate with us from the very beginning for so many years.

Do you want to visit our factory? Check here.

Discover everything about the hair extensions world.

Our professional team works hard to select the best quality hair in different parts of the world. Each hair has its own texture and unique features, from Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair… to Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia