What are hair extensions?

It is a very easy way to have more hair, by placing in your own hair extensions in locks (gluing them with keratin, braiding them…) or weft (sewn into your hair, attached with clips, adhesive, etc.). The extensions are placed by a stylist, but nowadays many women have them but nowadays many women put them in at home (self-adhesive). Extensions can be curled, cut, styled….

Will you notice I’m wearing them?

No one will notice. Choosing the right color is very important. With the right placement only you will notice you are wearing them.

How long do extensions last?

There are many factors involved. The best thing to do is to buy the best quality hair, use the right products and care for it to last longer. and take care of it to make it last longer. Good quality hair does not tangle or shed in large quantities. All extensions sold have been pre-processed, sterilized, dyed and sometimes permed. So it is no longer virgin hair (except in the case of natural color), so it doesn’t have the oils that your own hair has and it becomes dry and brittle. hair has and it dries out and becomes less thick over time. Even the best hair has to be replaced after a while.

Will extensions damage my own hair?

Extensions should not damage your hair if they are cared for and maintained. You should be careful when brushing your hair. If there are any tangles, hold your hair while brushing, especially if your hair is fragile. Re-touch your extensions at least every two months.

What makes the hair good quality or not?

The most important thing is how the hair is selected and the post-treatment. The best type of hair is virgin hair, hair that has not been treated. It is healthy, strong and of the highest quality. Extensions made from this type of hair extensions made from this type of hair last much longer and do not tangle or dry out. The treatment given to the hair is essential. Each company processes the hair differently and that makes the extensions they sell have different quality. Remy hair with cuticle: this is the best hair there is. It is hand picked strand by strand to make sure all the cuticles are in the same direction. in the same direction. It has a cuticle that is soft to the touch, lasts longer and prevents unwanted tangles.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is the definition of hair that does not tangle because it is not shed hair, but has all the ends in the same direction. When we say “waste hair” we are referring to hair from salons that is saved and then fixed, matched and used to make extensions.

non-remy hair
NO Remy hair
NO Remy hair
what is remy hair with cuticle
NO Remy hair with cuticle and inverted roots

The most surprising thing is that not even the same manufacturer of extensions, in many cases can be 100% sure, because most manufacturers buy the hair in stores specializing in this raw material and sell the hair already matched, clean and sorted by size. The only way for a manufacturer to know for sure if the raw material is really 100% Remy hair and contains no admixture is to test it in a laboratory, and this is something that almost no manufacturer cares to do.

How to tell if the extensions are Remy hair or not

One way to tell if the hair is remy or not is if there are little black balls on the ends, which is an indication that it is not remy. Although there are factories that eliminate this as well. But if a hair has little black balls on the ends, you can be sure it is not remy.

What color do I choose for my hair extensions?

When choosing a color, choose one that matches your natural color from root to tip. Do not choose a color that is like your natural color at the root, as it is always darker. Choose the color a little lower.


This is the first time, what do I do?

First think about whether you are going to put them in yourself or ask a professional to do it for you. Choose the color that matches your own hair. There are some types of extensions that you can do yourself, such as adhesive wefts or clip-in extensions. It all depends on your own skill and the price you want to pay, but you can also ask a friend for help.

With other methods you will need to go to a stylist. The most important thing about extensions is the quality of the hair. Some salons will sell you the extensions as well as put them in, but if you decide to buy them yourself they can be cheaper.

How much hair do I need?

The amount of hair you need will depend on how thick you want your hair to be, the size of your head, how you want to apply it, if you are going to cut it… The best thing to do is to consult a professional, how you want to apply it, if you are going to cut it… The best thing to do is to consult a professional. We recommend at least 100 to 150 units in the case of strand extensions (about 125 grams of hair). In the case of sewn wefts we recommend buying one or two packages (about 100 grams of hair). In the case of adhesive wefts, keep in mind that the adhesive does not hold a lot of weight. Each curtain is usually about 50 or 60 grams, so one curtain would not be enough for the whole head.

You will also need more quantity in these cases:

  • If you are going to wear your hair straight, it falls with less volume.
  • If you choose a hair with a length of more than 55 cm.
  • If your hair is thick, you have very marked layers or a “garçon” cut.

Can I wash it, brush it, blow-dry it, curl it?

Sure! You can curl it any way you want. You can wash it every day if you want, but you will notice that your extensions will stay clean and stay clean and curly for days. It is recommended that you let it air dry, use a comb and some hair conditioner. Keep in mind that hair dries out more when using a blow dryer, letting it air dry is best.

How do I wash it?

Wash it in one direction: from top to bottom. Avoid doing it the other way around. Use dry shampoo and conditioner to provide more moisture. When brushing your hair start at the ends and work your way up while holding your hair at the top so it doesn’t fall out.

Can I color or perm my hair?

Human hair is human hair. In other words, just as if you dye and re-color your own hair it becomes drier and tangles more easily, with natural hair extensions it is the same or even more so because it does not receive the nutrients from the root. The more times you dye it the less the extensions will last. It is not recommended to reapply chemicals.

Many extensions come already curled if you wish and you can choose the color that most closely resembles your own. Since the extensions have been sterilized and processed, we suggest not to add any more chemical treatments as they may spoil the extensions.

What types of products can I use?

Moisturizing your hair extensions is very important. Please do not use products for oily hair or strippers that remove chlorine, as they leave the hair dry.

Use alcohol free or low alcohol products. Dry hair products are best. Spray conditioners are perfect for the ends.

Can I go swimming and to the beach?

Of course you can. You can go to the pool or the beach without a problem. It’s best to wash your hair immediately afterwards. Try to avoid getting your hair in contact with salt water as it strips it of all moisture and your hair will get tangled.

Don’t braid your hair to go to the beach. It is better to wear your hair loose. Use a spray conditioner after swimming.

How often should I maintain my extensions?

Maintenance sessions are usually scheduled every 2 months.

How long do extensions last?

There are different types of extensions, both in terms of the way they are placed and the type and quality of hair they are made of, for these reasons there is no fixed length of time. To help you with this issue, you can find out how long the different types of extensions last in the following link.

How are hair extensions made?

Each type and quality of hair extension is different and each has a different way of manufacturing so this cannot be answered briefly. In the following link you can learn more about how hair extensions are made.

For more information about hair extensions care you can visit our blog: https://extensionesdepelo.es/