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Nais Hair Extensiones

PREMIUM Keratin Extensions

PREMIUM Keratin Extensions

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IDEAL FOR: Keratin extensions are the ideal solution for those looking for extra strong hold and uniform, natural placement. Requires professional placement.


Watch the video above ☝️ in the product images to compare between different color shades. If you need more help, send us a selfie with your hair color on WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you.



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They are PREMIUM REMY quality extensions, the tips and roots go in the same direction, therefore preventing the hair from tangling. They preserve all their natural elements and original texture as well as their cuticle intact, which allows a much longer life (up to 3 times longer) than extensions of low quality and price.

The hair does not suffer loss or fall from its headband, especially thanks to the latest generation keratin that is resistant to high temperatures . This is especially important in hot climates, since keratin of mediocre quality can melt in the heat and seriously damage the person's hair.

Due to the proven quality of our extensions, you can enjoy them for up to 18 months, preserving their natural shine, hydration, silky texture... We select the quality of our hair very demandingly.


The cost of keratin hair extensions depends on the length and volume of hair you want to achieve, but their price ranges between €80 and €120/$ for a package of 50 strands.

We recommend at least 2 packages of 50 grams each to achieve an incredible volume effect, or 3 packages if your hair is short or you want more additional volume. We have different measurements: 20 inches (50cm) for a medium length and 24 inches (60cm) if you want extra long.

Our keratin hair extensions can be waved, flat ironed, curled, straightened, and even dyed just like you would your own hair.

They can also be bleached, but remember that by bleaching you will greatly reduce the length of the hair, so we always recommend when in doubt to choose a slightly lighter color and darken it with a simple color bath if you wish, it would always be a better option than bleaching. However, most of our clients do not need to dye their hair because we offer a sufficiently wide variety of colors.

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The price of the full mane may vary depending on several factors. The first thing you have to consider is how much hair volume you want and how long your hair is . If you want a discreet amount of volume and your hair is long, 100 grams of extensions could be enough. However, you will need more extensions if you want very voluminous hair that stands out. And if your own hair is short you will need something more, perhaps 200 grams or more.

This means that the price of keratin extensions can range between $200 and $500. This will depend on the look you want to achieve. Think about a long-term investment that can last more than 1 year while maintaining shine and softness.

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Dare to check what others have already checked:

❤ With only a minimal investment you can enjoy a super spectacular look! ❤

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Free Express Shipping to ALL countries and on ALL orders . We send your extensions to any country totally FREE, wherever you are. We use DHL and FedEx door-to-door express service.

All our extensions have a 7-day money-back guarantee from when you receive them. Isn't that your color? Have you changed your mind? ... No problem. Whatever the reason, you can return them without any explanation. More details about our returns policy here .

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We leave you some screenshots of our customers' opinions that illustrate their degree of satisfaction.

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The main advantage of keratin extensions is their extra strong hold. It is such a strong union that for at least 2 months you forget about maintenance. Once your own hair has grown 1 centimeter or so, you will need to "move up" the keratin strands so that the union is not noticeable. Another great advantage is that as it is a strand-by-strand system, and strands weighing less than 1 gram, a very uniform distribution is achieved throughout your hair, which gives a super natural appearance.

  • Extra strong hold
  • Keratin incorporated and ready to place
  • Naturalness (the highlights are distributed evenly)
  • Reusable (requires keratin for separate extensions)


Keratin extensions require glue (called keratin or keratin). This glue provides extra strong hold, but on the other hand it is a more aggressive glue for your own hair compared to Adhesive Extensions.

If you are an extension user (not a hairdressing professional), you are looking for a fixed extension system and you have not yet tried Adhesive Extensions, we recommend that you consider the option of trying them as well and can compare advantages and disadvantages. This way you can experience for yourself which of the two options best suits you.

If, on the other hand, you are a beauty professional, we also recommend that you try adhesive extensions. Many professionals who have worked with us for years are seeing advantages in placement time and customer satisfaction in adhesives over keratin. Contact us and we will give you more details.

Some disadvantages of keratin extensions are:

  • Requires glue
  • Requires specialized professional placement
  • If they are not placed well, or low quality keratin is used, it can damage your hair.
  • As they are fixed extensions, they require uploading them every 2 or 3 months


Nais Hair hair is real remy and lasts 12-18 months. This is very important that you understand because the word remy has already degraded to a simple term to identify natural hair, and this is in the best of cases.

The reality is that 95% of the hair sold on the market does NOT have a cuticle, no matter how much they advertise it, the majority does not have a cuticle. You can do the test by simply taking a hair and sliding it up and down, and if you don't notice friction when you move your fingers up, you can be sure that it doesn't have a cuticle.

The reason is because it is made with waste hair raw material from hair salons, and to prevent it from getting tangled, the cuticle must be removed. But hair without a cuticle is dead hair, dry hair without the natural protection of the hair. It is cheaper hair, but since it does not have the natural protection of the cuticle, even if they put a wax bath on it to give it shine, in the first wash it loses its shine, and even if you tried to revive it with the best shampoo and conditioner, that hair has suffered a lot and will never look bright and healthy.

Nais Hair keratin extensions actually have the cuticle intact. The raw material used is hair from healthy donors , and not hair salon waste. And they have been manufactured with a slow, cold decoloration process, similar to osmosis.

Please invest in your beauty in quality products , and don't get carried away by appearances. The difference in price is not big compared to other cheap extensions, but the difference in durability is 4 times more.

The well-known saying "cheap is expensive" is true in a very special way in the world of extensions. In reality, the savings, compared to other types of extensions, are in the placement.

Enjoy your extensions for longer, and healthy, shiny and soft extensions .

You can learn more about our hair quality control in the following video:


When it comes to permanent extensions, keratin extensions do not damage your hair as long as the placement is professional . One of the reasons is that they are very light and do not add excessive weight to your hair. Therefore, they are not likely to cause a fall due to traction. They are also very comfortable, even for sleeping.

Other types of permanent extensions could damage your hair, especially if they are not placed correctly. But tape extensions are the most recommended for people with thin and sparse hair. So if you want to have the advantages of permanent extensions, but without the risks, choose tape extensions. They are the ones we recommend the most to our clients.

choose the length of your extensions


Strand by strand extensions are always the best option for very short hair because they only need a minimum of about 5 cm to be able to place them without them being visible to the naked eye. As they are individual wicks, unlike sewn, clip or adhesive ones, they do not need much surface area to achieve a discreet and almost invisible union.

In this case, it will be very important that both the color of the keratin strands and the keratin itself (or the rings in the case of the placement system with micro rings) are almost identical in color to yours, especially the root area. where keratin fusion takes place.

Keratin extensions do not damage the hair. Therefore, anyone can use keratin extensions, even if they have fine and delicate hair. It is only very important that in the case of this installation system it is really a professional who performs the installation. The few cases of damage to one's own hair that we have known are always due to unprofessional placement. If you are looking for fixed extensions to be able to place them yourself with the help of a friend, we recommend adhesive extensions, but for keratin extensions we recommend that an experienced professional place them.

However, people with serious hair loss problems should not use any type of extensions until their condition improves.

Also when installing on short hair, keep in mind that you will need more extensions to achieve a reasonable volume effect. If it is very short hair you will need at least between 150 and 200 grams of hair to achieve the desired effect.

Keratin extensions are a good option for girls who have a very active life and are looking for a strong bond and zero maintenance for the 2 or 3 months until your hair grows and needs to "move up" the extensions. If you are thinking about fixed extensions, and you don't want the hassle of having to apply and remove removable extensions such as clip-on or invisible thread extensions daily, keratin extensions are a good option for you.


Placing keratin hair extensions is one of the extension methods that takes the most time and skill. As they are wick-to-wick joints, an extra-strong fusion is achieved, but at the same time it is one of the most laborious methods. We always recommend that keratin extensions be placed by an expert professional.

Placement time is 1 to 3 hours, depending on your skill of the professional, and the amount of volume you want.

  • STEP 1 : Start from the bottom by making a part at the nape of the neck and holding with a clamp, leaving about 2 cm of space between the root and the clamp.
  • STEP 2 : Heat the keratin using a melter or a special soldering iron for extensions .
  • STEP 3 : Take out a small strand of hair and join it with your fingers by pressing and twisting to achieve a circular fusion.
  • STEP 4 : Repeat the same procedure on the same part, leaving a space between strand and strand of between half and one centimeter depending on the desired volume.
  • STEP 5 : make a new parallel partition again about 2 cm higher and place a new row of wicks.
  • STEP 6 : Repeat the same operation moving upwards, covering the entire back part.


Our keratin extensions can be reused as many times as you like. You will only need additional high-temperature resistant keratin grain (or stick) to be able to make the unions again.

Every 2 or 3 months your hair grows approximately 1 centimeter, so you will need to "up" your extensions. You will need a special remover or solvent for keratin extensions, small pressure pliers, and a residue cleaner.

  • STEP 1 : make a first section starting from the bottom of the neck and holding with a clamp.
  • STEP 2 : Apply keratin extension solvent, and press with your fingers and pressure pliers to soften and break up the keratin.
  • STEP 3 : When softened, gently pull the extension while holding the hair from the roots.
  • STEP 4 : repeat this operation until all the highlights are removed
  • STEP 5 : Brush with a comb, and then wash with shampoo and conditioner to remove keratin remains.

Once you have removed all the wicks you can reuse the strands again according to this explanatory video:


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Customer Reviews

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Maite Hueso perez
. Maite

Si yo siempre compro y no cambio de pelo me encanta siempre repito

Sandra Santos
Extensões de keratina

Estou muito contente com as extensões que comprei, são de boa qualidade, já tinha comprado outras que depois da lavagem iam perdendo o pelo.
Recomendo muito, e estou muito agradecida por vos ter comprado, tinha medo de como ficariam depois de lavar.
Obrigada 🙏😍

Sandra Santos
Extensões de Queratina louro claro

Adorei as extensões, adorei como chegaram embaladas a qualidade de excelência.
Meus parabéns pelo serviço .