Returns Policy

Human hair extensions are an all natural organic product, not a synthetic one. There is nothing more natural than your own hair, but if you dye your own hair and when you wash it you don’t treat it carefully it will tangle. Much more so a hair that has been cut from the root and no longer receives the hair’s natural nutrients, and is subsequently dyed.


Please note our return policy before purchasing.

We do not accept returns of extensions under the following conditions:

-If the extensions have not been applied by a duly accredited and certified professional hairdresser.
-If extensions have been dyed and or curled or wavy after purchase.
-If usage instructions were not followed by user.

We disclaim all responsibility for the use and care of the product once the packaging has been opened. When a customer purchases a product, it is their responsibility to read and accept the terms and conditions of purchase. Regardless of whether the order is made by phone, e-mail or directly through the Internet. The customer is responsible for the product, once opened and used. The customer should also be aware that this is a consumer product that does not last forever.

All photographs, images and videos used on the website, social networks derived from it and printed catalogs are for informational purposes only and have no contractual value.

This means that: AT ALL TIMES, OUR HAIR QUALITY WILL ALWAYS BE THE MOST OPTIMAL, as described in our media, but being possible that, with respect to the photographs, they could vary some details, such as the type of stitching, the type of adhesive, the type of clips, etc.

The hair color of the extensions may not be exactly the same as shown in our catalog or media, because the calibration or color settings, brightness, saturation of each of the screens of users (smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices) is different and make it impossible to reproduce the exact color of the hair in each medium. There may be slight variations in tones, but always within reasonable and understandable margins. This point never affects in such a way that the client receives a color of extensions that “has nothing to do with the one offered”.

With emphasis on this last point, no returns will be accepted for reasons of comparison of irrelevant details such as drawings on the seams, exact type of adhesive or any attachment of the hair, guaranteeing by that they will always be of the most excellent quality, but may vary with the photographs shown. The quality of the hair, attachments, materials and accessories will always be of the highest quality.


Orders will be shipped to the specified address within 48 hours of customer payment. In case of out of stock, you will be notified immediately via email or telephone.

  • If the order is rejected or ignored by the customer, the carrier will contact him to coordinate the delivery date, remaining for 3 days at the place of destination, starting at that time the procedures for the return of the same. If the customer requires the delivery of the order again, he will have to bear all the expenses originated by the return. In the event that the delivery of the goods is not made on time, NAIS HAIR is not responsible for any problems that this may cause.
  • If the goods arrive to the customer does not correspond to the products you purchased or the delivery note (bearing in mind the information detailed in the Return Conditions policy where it is detailed that the photographs, advertisements published by Nais Hair both on the website and on social networks are informative and have no contractual value), Nais Hair will bear all costs incurred by the return and redelivery of the correct order. Otherwise the customer will be responsible for all costs incurred for the return of the order to our offices in Qingdao, China. Product exchange requests must be made within 7 days of receipt of the goods by the customer. The product must be unused and in the same condition as received. The refund of the money would never be made before having received the returned merchandise and to verify that it is in the same condition in which it was sent.
  • For your own safety, always open the package in the presence of the carrier and record in writing on the waybill that accompanies each order, any incident that you find.

*Shipments. All orders will be shipped from our distribution center at our own offices in Nais Hair, Qingdao, China. The customer therefore acts as the importer and is responsible for complying with any customs requirements in their country to receive the package.